Nightclub, Pub & Bars
Nightclub, Pubs & Bars Cleaning in Vancouver

Nightclub, Pubs & Bars Cleaning in Vancouver


Vancouver Cheap Cleaners are specialists in nightclub cleaning, pub cleaning and bar cleaning with several years of experience upheld with our quality service and best of all, available to your business at an affordable price.

We have a great deal of experience in cleaning nightclubs, pubs and bars combined with our method and our Satisfaction Guarantee, Club Owners and Managers are left in no doubt that they will be given a thorough service. The areas of cleaning specific to nightclub businesses are:

  • bars
  • carpets
  • seating
  • dance floors
  • chill-out rooms
  • DJ areas
  • toilets
  • cloakrooms
  • kitchens
  • general displays, separators and walls
We also provide:
  • Commercial air fresheners, fully environmental and patented 
  • Soap dispensers
  • Commercial hand sanitizer 
  • Feminine hygiene vending machines

When you sign up for a Vancouver Cheap Cleaners contract, you no longer need to worry about booking cleaners or sorting out the cleanliness yourself. By the time we have started working for you, we will already have performed a full inspection and laid out exactly what needs doing. This can, of course, be changed to accommodate new or reduced needs, but in the first instance it lets us tell you transparently what we intend to do. It then forms the basis for our cleaners’ check list in their daily or weekly routines and we will ensure your complete satisfaction.

Request a quote today at 604-259-2448.

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